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Coretan Suara
Sunday, February 6, 2011
The Ones.
This is a note.

A note for the ones I care about,

the ones who had known me; inside out.

The ones that stuck by me, throughout.

Hazim and Firdaus.

You guys are the best.

Though I always fell short from you guys most of the time,

You guys never let me be alone.

I always watched you guys from afar.

I always wondered, what it's like to be you guys.

Liked by others, always wanted to be around by others.

I rarely have those kind of opportunities.

But not realizing the fact that you guys recognizes me as one of the most strong person that you guys know.

You guys said, I have a strong heart, a strong determination, a strong will;

That exceeds both of you guys.

I never knew you guys looked up to me.

Seriously, I appreciate that.


Best friend.

Even though we always fight,

but we still managed to get through, right?

I've never met someone like you before, friend.

We were friends since kindergarten.

There are many memories between us in high school.

Having you as a friend, is seriously one of the most significant parts in my life.

You are the only girl that can stand my silliness.

I just know that we will be friends forever.

Kak long.

There seems to be a gap between us, right?

12 years.

When you were busy preparing for your SPM, i was busy playing in kindergarten;

free to roam in my imagination.

When I reached high school, you were always there for me, even though you're not close to me.

I'm sorry with what happened between me and kak de.

I was young back then. I was weak.

I'm still not matured enough.

But I promise, I will make things better with her.

Just please, don't tell her I said so.

You are my sister and my friend,aren't you.


the thing that I adore about you most is your determination.

You came from a poor family.

But yet, in your 20-s, you've managed to get all of your siblings well-educated;

All 7 of them.

You didn't have the luxuries that I had.

You were alone back then.

But you still managed to get through. You are one of the most amazing persons that I've ever met.

You are my inspiration.

I can't tell how much I adore you.

Cause no matter what I do, you will always love me more than I love you.

There are still many things unsaid about you guys.

Thanks for being there for me in my time of need.

Thanks for believing in me, when nobody else did.

I love you guys, indeed.