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Friday, December 31, 2010
100 things about myself.
aku di-tag oleh cik LALAH. =) best gak main tag ni. kali ni kena cerita pasal 100 things about me. so, here it goes~

1. My friends call me johnson.
2. Loves to watch tv(who doesn't)
3. I have to check my fb account at least once everyday.
4. I like money.
5. but I do believe it's not the most important thing in the world. but you sure need 'em.
6. loves to write, but afraid to show them to others.
7. my dream is to become a lecturer.
8. favorite tv show : scrubs.
9. rarely sleeps in the evenings. seriously.
10. my favorite subject is english.
11. I was once fat.
12. I like arsenal.
13. white coffee is my fav drink.
14. Once I cried because of a girl.
15. My hobby is to fish.
16. I have a tortoise as a pet.
17. I am insecure about myself.
18. I believe in karma.
19. I was once shunned by my friends. believe me, it was one of the worst periods in my life.
20. I prefer futsal over football.
21. Have issues with my 3rd sister.
22. Still misses my late sister, Azida. rest in peace angah. U were the best.
23. I am jobless.
24. Sometimes ridicule people about the way they dress.
25. I don't care what u say. Tom is the victim. Jerry is mean.
26. favorite subject is english.
27. I have never seen star wars.
28. Hates gulai. sorry but that thing is sometimes green or yellow. eww.
29. Prefer to talk rather than message people.
30. A pologizes frequently but rarely mean them.
31. Golf is not a sport. thats my opinion.
32. Misses my childhood.
33. Hates people who abuses the word "lol" n etc. i mean, how the hell do i suppose to reply to a "haha"?
34. In love with this phone : nokia x3-02. i mean, its a touch screen phone. seriously!
35. Once I was lost when I was 5 years old at UiTM. A man helped me to find my parents back. I don't remember his name but, he wears specs. itu je aq ingat. aku kecik lagi wei mase tu. don't judge me.
36. I also have issues with my dad.
37. I don't like junkfood.
38. My favorite colour is blue.
39. I finished my schooldays already.
40. I don't like to fight. everything can be resolved over a nice cup of tea.
41. I often become only the best friend of a girl. I prefer it that way.
42. I love to play guitar. but only a noobie still. XP
43. I wish I was stronger.
44. I can tell a lie, and you will never know.
45. people often say that they don't understand me. that makes me sad. but, they have a point though.
46. I have done many things that I regret in the past.
47. I hate people who says i'm cocky when i speak english to them. come on la mate.
48. never played with real snow.
49. likes to stay in my room all day.
50. I like it when people share their problems with me. at least i'm not alone.
51. My best friend is a girl.
52. I don't know where my heart is right now.
53. I want to strangle someone really badly.
54. I thinks models are overrated.
55. I am missing someone.
56. I hate rempit. ahaha
57. I hate people who writes like this : " iTEw TayUnK awaX!"
58. simple-minded guy.
59. I want to settle down before i'm 30 years old.
60. I'm not into the k-pop scene. sorry, but I just don't understand a word they speak. korean is tough!
61. but I do love a korean drama called He Who Can't Marry. It's the only korean drama that i watched and loved.
62. I prefer to wear non-collar t-shirts.
63. 16 is my fav number.
64. I am the youngest child.
65. loves sarcasm.
66. I miss the old disney shows like "rollie pollie ollie"
67. I learn almost everything the hard way.
68. It doesn't matter how much I eat. my body weight would still be the same.
69. I hate posers.
70. I delete all messages on my phone before i go to sleep.
71. I don't know how to ride a car.
72. but, i do have a motorcycle license.
73. I love to cook.
74. I love to sing. even i n the shower.
75. I like to have my own kids when i grow up.
76. I get confused by a simple question.
77. I hesitate too much.
78. I kept my feelings well-locked.
79. I don't take things seriously.
80. Once I fell from a rooftop. luckily i didn't suffer any serious injuries. this happened when i was 5.
81. Doraemon is my all-time favorite manga.
82.i do want to taste a dorayaki someday.
83. I am somewhat afraid of heights.
84. I hate people who horns at me without a cause.
85. The most important person is myself.
86. I definitely appreciate long text messages.
87. I like to read blogs.
88. When I say something seriously, I mean it.
89. I don't like black.
90. I don't like it when people call out my name in a crowd.
91. I often attract people that are not suitable for me.
92. I love to fantasize.
93. I like to take a ride on my motorcycle everytime i'm sad or just to get a peace of mind.
94. I have a hard time to make the girl I love to laugh.
95. I can take a joke.
96. I love to travel.
97. I kept my most special thing inside a box.
98. I am still trying to forgive myself.
99.I hate goodbyes.
100. that's why I never say it.

I can't believe i just wrote all that.

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