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Coretan Suara
Friday, November 19, 2010
For You.
For you to change,
it's not what I'm hoping for.
All I want from you is to stay the same,
to keep smiling,
to keep believing,
in this world of profanity.

For you to (smile),
oh how I wish I could be the one
who makes you laugh.
even a chuckle would do.
a girl that I adore wholeheartedly,
the one that has been cornering mind,
without a single breather.

For you to believe,
even if the people around you keep abusing your trust,
keep questioning your ignorance,
that some would say it's a bliss.
some would say it's not worthy,
to trust anybody.
But please take to heart when I say,
"I will be there for you always, forever and a day."

I must say,
you make me (happy)
with your simple caress,
with your way of seeing the real me,
the fact that you understand me,
right down to the core.

I see you lie over there,
Frowns eluding your conscience;
in the thickness of my imagination.
Every time I tried to get near,
You seem to get farther away.
Without even knowing what I wanted to say.
Can you please hear me, only one chance I hope for.
To say, "I Love You". that is all.

That I wish for.
That's the only thing I (wish) for.
To see your smile again, that's all.